Fuzzycraft Mods Development User guide


Fuzzzycraft is a set of modifications (mods) for Minecraft. Each has its own topical subject, but they are designed to work both individually as well as with each other and the various other mods in existence.

The project originated from the process of reworking or fixing mods from that time, many of them were buggy or were not able to proceed into newer versions. Various things have been polished or re-implemented for a shared server with friends. When MinecraftForge finally became a thing and mods started to cooperate better, attention was turned towards other concept ideas. This created a process where there were various tweaks and features, none of them complete enough to make a mod on their own. In more recent times I have been brushing up the system and started making proper foundations. In the end some things of the past will have to go, but in return there can be quality and uniformity.

Fuzzycraft is meant to work on top of the de-facto modding standard for Minecraft: Forge. This utility makes it so that you can play multiple mods at the same time with limited concern of issues. You can pick one mod from the Fuzzycraft suite, or you can use them all. You can even add mods from other authors. You can get the original installers from minecraftforge.net or if you want a one-click solution you can download the launcher from the development section. Selected versions are also available from the Curse client.