Fuzzycraft Mods Development User guide

Fuzzy Newtonians

Fuzzy Newtonians is a collection of additions to Minecraft, representing the technological progression from ancient civilisations up to the modern age. Being a work in progress, it is currently still rather small.

Current main features include:

- Ore generation. The mod seeds the world with a large collection of commonly used ores from historic to modern times. It does so in slightly larger patches of mixed minerals: That means that you don't need to overturn each block to find those rare diamonds, and when you do find one you're usually set for your next short-term goal. In addition ores generate not just in regular stone, but also in other mediums, such as andesite and dirt.

- Volcanic terrain. There is now a new biome corresponding to active volcanism. It's dead terrain, but the resources can be useful.

- Block moving. You can move blocks around that would otherwise break, or where using pistons on them would prove to be insanely labour-intensive.

- Quality of life. A few items have been added to represent small technological improvements to otherwise mundane tasks.