Fuzzycraft Mods Development User guide

WAN Launcher

The WAN Launcher is - just like the FTB Launcher it was ported from - a quick way to get started with modded Minecraft. It is synchronised with my test server and always be the first to have the latest changes - including things that are not available elsewhere.

It comes preloaded with two modpacks:

- One that consists of just the Fuzzycraft mods

- One with the author's selection of third party mods. These have been selected based on being common and/or being in line with the general aesthetics of the Fuzzycraft mods.

Testing mods individually is relatively easy, but interactions with other mods are quite common because many people prefer to include many mods. These mods have been picked to have a good starting point to see how things will interact with the legions of other mods out there.


WAN Launcher

7MB - 29 March 2017